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About Shelby Martial Arts Center


We are a professional martial arts school focused on fitness, self-control and self defense. We teach children to adults (4 to 104 years old.) Our classes incorporate light contact sparring, and we train to develop power and focus in our techniques. Our family martial arts utilize CKD.

We have three fourth degree, and two second degree instructors in CKD. The CKD instructors will keep you fit from your very core where all training should start. CKD is designed to keep you fit from ages 4 to 104. Our oldest student is 68 and has a fourth degree black belt. The movements are designed to improve and increase mobility and range of motion. The punches and kicks actually improve joint health, memory and our work with core activation helps improve our students' balance and coordination. Our style of CKD is heavily influenced by Brain Gym® and educational kinesiology. So you will learn to reduce stress and become more integrated from the first class you take.

We have a licensed Brain Gym instructor on staff, and several staff trained in Bal-A-Vis-X. We are the ONLY martial arts and fitness school that is able to work closely with special needs children and adults. Our instructors also teach classes to the Autistic students at OU Cares. As a matter of fact we have an autistic instructor on staff. We have given many seminars about the uses of Brain Gym® and kinesiology to teachers, OTs and PTs in Macomb Intermediate School District as well as the Utica school system.

We are a family martial art school and we encourage the entire family to train. We have the best value pricing for family training.


Paul Kroll- Chief CKD Instructor. Ten years experience

I started out at Shelby Martial Arts as a student from a young age and have trained in several different martial arts. If you are looking to learn to defend yourself and those around you, have a great workout, and are ready to take it up to the next level come and join my class. My classes are disciplined and respectable. I would like to thank you for looking at our school. Come in, speak to me personally and get yourself started down the path of a martial artist and change your life for the better.

Come join us and see what a fantastic group we have.
We are an open school so you can drop in at any time.

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