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At Shelby Martial Arts Academy, we welcome you into our family of martial artists, Aikido, Choi Kwon Do and Brain Gym for kids, we care about the safety, well-being and advancement of every student, regardless of rank or position in life. We coined the term "Elite Training for Everyone" for the sole reason that our target audience includes, in part, working professionals, families, and hobbyists who want to learn effective martial arts, self defense skills - and so much more in a controlled and respectful environment.

Our Programs

In our Dojo, you will quickly find that every student at our Academy embraces this team mindset, regardless of his or her reasons for training. We do have some students who regularly compete in other sports and do many other activities but, the blend of so many backgrounds and life experiences among our students creates a unique, one-of-a-kind atmosphere that is unique to our school.

Staying true to the teachings of all of the master instructors, class time is spent learning and refining the details associated with every aspect of a street encounter and real world training. This includes mental preparation strategies, self-defense techniques as well as life skills that are unsurpassed anywhere.

As chief instructor Paul Kroll says, "Training is endless and we teach quality from the very start." Therefore, class time is used to repeatedly practice and drill material with the ultimate goal of making techniques second-nature, so that you can react swiftly and effectively in the event of a self-defense street encounter. Plus, you can lose a ton of weight, have fun and get in the best shape of your life.

We personally work with every student to ensure he or she not only understands how to perform a technique, but why it works and when to use it all while having fun. With time and continued practice, your endurance, efficiency and precision will improve; with technical prowess being the top priority.


Improve the harmony of life by reducing your stress through integrated martial arts techniques. We have taken the Arts of Grand Master Choi and integrated the Brain Gym® movements which have their foundation in Eastern acupressure methods for calming the body, mind, and spirit.

How we help our students

Our goal is to reduces stress, encourage a healthy diet, and provide directed exercise that will teach our students to be more in control of their movements and emotions. By using a combination of diet and exercise regimen along with the Brain Gym® movements that we have incorporated into our Martial Arts, we will show you how to learn effectively and easily. Our brain can only use its dominant attributes while we are under stress. That means we are working with only that 1/2 of our brain. When under stress learning and living become a struggle. With our Martial Arts your stress is reduced and we actually open pathways in your mind that will allow the whole brain to work together as it was originally designed to do. Under stress and without our integrated movements you can only use the YING or the YANG of your mind. We show you how to open up your world through a whole mind and body approach to life to a full integration your Ying and Yang.

We can show you why your child has a problem learning and what you can do about it.

Every student can receive a free dominance profile evaluation. This sensory dominance assessment will help your child, and you, understand what they need to do to retain more of what they see and hear. It will also give you an indication of how they learn (what senses are used for their main information gathering). We do not all learn the same way; if their primary sensory input is hearing; they will not look at you when they concentrate on what you are saying. The techniques of our Martial Arts are based in the Brain Gym® movements that come from ancient Eastern medical knowledge of acupuncture and meridian therapy and these are designed to help the students control themselves. By participating in our classes, they will be able to train their fine motor movements, coordinate their eye movement, stimulate the development of complex neural networks, and find ways to help themselves reduce stress and many other self-actuating benefits as well.

We have programs for younger children up to adults, male and female - 6 days per week.

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We welcome you to stop by and try out a class at your earliest convenience.

Call or e-mail us today to start your journey.

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